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 Posted: 06-08-2007 04:43 am
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Well it's finally together.  All the brakes stuff that is.  New front calipers, new rear cylinders and hopefully a master cylinder that dosn't leak.
Next step is bleeding.  Then adjust.
Went to my local auto parts store and picked up what appeared to be the correct stuff, but is it?  Valvoline SYN Power Full Synthetic brake fluid.  Says it exceeds DOT3 & DOT4 and good to 500 degrees F.
Anybody have an opinion about synthetic brake fluids?
Did a little self research, and while I am still a bit confused I have decided to take the stuff back and get DOT4.  If you are curious about why read this:  It is everything you thought you wanted to know about brake fluids and more.  Good stuff

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