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 Posted: 06-06-2007 03:50 pm
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Yes, that looks like the right tool.  Delta Motorsports also sells them, and the Club Store may also handle them.

IIRC, raising a vacuum valve and having the engine speed increase does indeed indicate a slightly rich mixture.  But the original engine speed should be restored within a few seconds once the vacuum valve is released and returns to its initial position.  If the vacuum valve itself does not so return, that carburetor has a mechanical problem that must be addressed before proceeding further.

The hesitation you report may be due to misadjusted carbs, to an insufficiency of the proper oil in the dampers, to a missing or defective damper, to insufficient fuel delivery to the carburetors, to a low float setting in one or both carbs, to debris in the fuel inlet or float bowl, or to some combination thereof.  Unfortunately, the only way to determine the cause(s) is to examine every possibility and correct any and all defects found.