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 Posted: 06-03-2007 11:35 pm
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Data from Clif
VIN 19714.  Original engine number
B74 12 1065 now on stand.
1974 5 speed with rubber bumpers.  Purchased Dec 1974 from Oakland British Motors.  Not the collector car they said it would be.
Purchased by present owner in Oakland, Ca and now in Santa Rosa, Ca.
74,000 origional miles.  Still on second set of CN36's and in pretty good shape considering.
Replace clutch at 65,000 miles and did all work.  Except valve adjustments.  No guts.
Garage queen since 1996.
Project complete.  2.2 full conversion including 45's,  head by West Coast Racing with 104 cams, Full Pertronix, and Lotus valve covers.
2.2 Rebuilt engine is B74 09 9266.  No knowledge of where this engine came from.

Second car is for parts.  Runs but needs help.  Gas tank and battery will get this car back on the road. 
VIN 18928.  Don't know if engine is original but Number is B74 09 8949
1974 4 speed.
The second car has moved on.  Sold in October.  Now in the hands of an obsessed NOBBC member it is a running and drivable JH
and is now ready for it's rebirth ride on New Years day, 2011.
Good luck DC.

Question:  Is there a record of the VIN number/engine number that makes these cars matching number cars?

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