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 Posted: 06-03-2007 01:52 am
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 I've installed JHPS's big brake kit and stainless lines and I have a couple of observations and a complaint.   First, the braking is superb; linear and strong and though I haven't raced it, I haven't felt any fade.  Second, they're an easy bolt-on affair.  FYI, I've simply installed a pair of spacers under the front rims so I can continue using the stock rims and I think it's fine for street use.  Third, the pads contact the rotors farther outboard than stock which causes a few things to happen: the outer edge of the pads overhang the outside of the rotors by a small amount, a couple of millimeters, and consequently as the pads wear, a little ledge of unworn pad forms outside the rotor and it looks as if they would eventually contact each other and prevent the pads from squeezing the rotor.  A minor problem that a little occasional filing would fix.

My complaint it about noise.  The pads are loose in the calipers, rattle like crazy while driving, and make a clacking sound if I hit the brakes quickly.  It's a pretty loud rattle.   I don't see an easy way to lock the pads in place while still allowing their movement but am pretty unhappy with the amount of noise they make.  Has anyone else dealt with this and/or found a fix?

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