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 Posted: 05-28-2007 07:49 pm
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Air has to be able to circulate around the tank or the rust will come back so the tank can't sit directly on the trunk floor and you don't want to use anything that will hold water.

I bought a couple of cheap rubber truck mud flaps and cut them into 8 1" wide strips long enough to support the tank. I then glued them to the bottom of the tank (after painting it of course) and sealed the area under the tank (trunk floor) with Eastwood red oxide rust sealing primer and then painted the area white to match the car. Don't plug or seal around the fuel line hole, if water gets in that's the only way it can get back out. Speaking of water getting in the trunk, the #1 source is the fuel fill neck seal. That 'well' it sits in lets water collect when washing the car or when it's raining and it goes straight down the fill neck to the tank.