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 Posted: 05-20-2007 04:41 pm
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Mark (et al)

More time to play around today so I checked the items on the list.  Float height is good.  Needles......oops B1CM front which came with the car; B1DK rear which came with the spare carbs.  OK, that's a problem.  Can I use the B1DK needles in the carbs which originally came on the car equipped with the B1CM needles?  Are the metering "jets" the same even though the needles are different? 

I was thinking of using the spare carbs which came with the B1DK needles.  They have been rebuilt but almost everything is suspect; the float height is way off, O-rings in the wrong place etc.  One thing is the metering jets are very slightly elevated in the venturi where on the old carb the metering jets sit down about a 16th of an inch into the body which is about correct by the book.  Can the metering jet height be adjusted?

Additionally the needles are very easy to turn in the spare carbs.  How easy should they turn?  I seems like they could easily vibrate off of the correct settings.

Thanks for the help