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 Posted: 05-19-2007 08:30 pm
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After rebuilding and retuning my Strombergs, I find I have a lot more power (I can easily spin the tires now).  While checking everything out, though, I discovered that when I have the accelerator pedal completely depressed, the throttles aren't quite wide open.  I still have about 5 degrees of travel before the throttle stops.  I've read about this as an issue in some car magazines before, and I was wondering where the adjustment is on my JH.  It isn't at the carb end, that's for sure.  Am I supposed to change the setting at the end of the cable sheath, like adjusting the brakes on a bicycle?

BTW, the Triangle LBC show was great.  Many unusual cars, including two orange JH's.  Mine and Henry Feather's.  At least I think that was his name.  I'm bad with names, but he's in the JHPS, so he can correct me if he's on this forum.