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 Posted: 05-16-2007 07:51 pm
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Only problems with the 'big brake' kit is: 

1)  it's expensive
2) i need either the spacers (expensive) or to buy all new rims and tires (even more expensive). 

On the 2nd JH I have I figure I'll go big brakes and larger rims.  For the one I'm running now - I just need better brakes.  The brakes on this thing SUCK.  I can't lock them up at 35mph - not good.  And every once in a while - it feels like only one front brake is working - even worse! 

So, I just got new lines from Greg and I'm deciding whether or not to just put the damn calipers on while I've got it all apart.  I'm strongly leaning towards putting on the Reman TR7 calipers.  Cheap and lots of pads available.  It's GOT to be an improvement over what's currently on it.