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 Posted: 05-14-2007 02:18 am
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Well, well.  I figured out why my JH wasn't running right.  And this is a good one.  Sometime before I installed my brand new DellOrtos an insect crawled into the fuel intake spigot of one of them.  From the sodden parts, I'd say it was a couple of earwigs or a cockroach.  As the body slowly disintegrated in the fuel, it turned to a sludge which mostly plugged up the tiny little screen inside the float needle seat, something I didn't know was there til I pulled the seat.  So that carb would slowly starve out as I drove.  I'd stop, fiddle with it and it would run again because the bowl would slowly fill while I was stopped and idling and every time I pulled the top off the bowl the fuel level was different.  I could still blow through the spigot but less than I thought I should.  It was driving me nuts and just on a whim I pulled the needle seat and there it was.  That fr@#$% insect took up several hours of my time before I found it.  My guess is that the chitonous exoskeleton was slowly turning to jelly in gasoline and there was just enough of it to coat that little screen with paste.

Of course, there's a dark cloud, too.  As I was putting the second carb's needle seat back in (that carb didn't have a blockage but I decided to check it anyway) the carb top flew out of my hands and landed on the concrete floor, breaking not only the float but one of the hinge pin ears.  Ah, the words I said......  So  I just ordered a new top and float from the UK at well over a $100US.  One step forward, one step back, eh?