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 Posted: 05-07-2007 10:17 pm
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Got that new TR-6 master cylinder and everything working fine for a few days. Then, for no apparent reason, after a 5 mile drive, I noted the brake pads didn't seem to be fully releasing (car slowing down quicker than normal). Nothing was hot, but it was clear the front brakes (both) were on. A quick crack of the bleeder on one of the fronts and they were both free. Went back and bled everything and all seemed OK...even after another 5 mile drive. The next 5 mile drive (later in the day), all of a sudden I sensed brakes dragging. While looking for a place to stop (a mile or so I continued), they started going on more and more by themselves (I'm thinking brake fluid is heating up and putting more pressure on pad). I stop and things are smoking hot. I crack a bleeder, and pop, they release and I get home (another mile) fine. Let's see, I changed both front brake hoses a few hundered miles ago, so doubt that is the problem. Since both calipers were on and the master cylinder is the only new change, I suspect it has something to do with what is going on. Anybody got an idea for me to attack? Could the fluid being too high lead to this...I can think of no reason, and no differential pressure when unscrewed cap? With the reservoir being tilted, I filled it such that the fluid levels are at the top of the reservoir divider (so back one doesn't uncover). Maybe the booster rod needs adjust...thinking about it, I think I felt a slight resistance when installing the master cylinder, such that the piston may have been pushed in slightly when I bolted it up. Is that rod adjustable?

Here's an was the servo rod adjustment. I had to screw it in almost the whole way (another 1/4" from setting with the original master cylinder).

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