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 Posted: 05-05-2007 01:15 pm
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Ron Earp

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That Targa Newfoundland race is awesome. One of the fellows on my Gt40 forum drives in it and made a post about it, see if I can find the name.

If I race the JH I will use a one piece driveshaft as well. Actually, my five speed was a one piece to adapt to that four speed rear. And I'll do it again, but with a piece that I have made and I know is good. This one was of unknown origin. So, to correct I'll start with a strong four speed and single piece, and if the car is competitive but needs better gearing, I'll go back five speed but with that one piece.

I agree on the stability. I only ever got to drive the JH at speed at one track, maybe at 95-105 mph, and it was nothing like my Z car at that speed. Of course, the JH has not had development, so one must be fair.

Hate to hear you toasted the Neon engine, but you do the crime, you do the time! I know how you feel - I just holed two pistons in my Z motor and it is out for rebuild. 7600 RPM over revs for extended periods are not a good thing with it.