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 Posted: 05-04-2007 04:47 am
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Like I said, too many rules.  I would just cheat, and never use a two piece Driveshaft.

I would cheat on the strength of the Universal joints, and the weight/strength of the tube as well.  Who's gonna know?  We're talking safety here.

Good for you, using the Hoop.

BTW, you're not the first on to have his Tunnel chopped up.  When I was building YELODOG engine, I was fortunate to get a pix from a guy in CT that had a hot engine, which caused the front Universal failure.  He, also, was lucky that his leg wasn't cut to shreds.............  That told me to put in all the safety stuff I could.

So, how do you like the handling and stability of the JH at 100 mph+ ?  Not the same good feeling I get with my 911 of the same vintage, for sure.

If you want to experience some real racing on the edge, try Targa Newfoundland.  Sure beats any track I've ever been on.  Not W2W,  but there is passing.  Lots more dangerous though.  Did it in '04 (JH team) & '05, / '06 driving a Neon.  What a trip !  Pix is '05 - we were back in the race the next morning, with new windshield and radiator.  Blew engine two days later though = DNF.


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