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 Posted: 05-04-2007 03:13 am
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I would guess that it really does not matter if you use grease or oil as long as the parts they come in contact with are not damaged by what is in either product and that all the parts that make up the steering mechanism than require lubrication receive the required amount of lubricant. People that have used grease in the steering rack have reported excellent results over 5 and 10 years use. I have even heard from a mechanic who has pulled one apart during a restoration reported that the rack was the cleanest he had seen in all his days of rebuilding the things. But on the otherside of the coin, you could probably hear the same comments about racks that used SAE 90w EP lubricant and have been properly kept up. As long as the boots and seals are kept in good condition to keep out contaminants I would say either lubricant would work fine.