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 Posted: 05-04-2007 02:42 am
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It is odd.

Improved Touring will not allow loops, that much is clear.

But I will use one in the future no matter what. Someone would have to protest me to make an issue of it and that won't happen.

On the driveshafts the JH is an odd bird.

I can use a 5 speed tranny in IT.

I can use a 4 speed tranny in IT.

But the JH is the only car I know of classed in IT on the same spec lines that if you used a five or four speed tranny then your driveshaft would change. Part of that is due to the fact that the JH is one of the few cars that switched in the model year/platform.

The same driveshaft won't fit each and the rules don't address the specific clause I have - use of the 5 speed tranny with the more advantagous 4 speed rear end.  Rear gears are free, but the best way to get the 3.7X was with a four speed. That is with a different part.

In short, I was  breaking the rules by using the 5sp/4sp rear diff shaft that someone made that I used. And it broke.  Anyhow, I don't think the car would be a threat to the AARC championship for a number of reasons, although I think they can/could/do race well.

Next time - starting out I'll use a four speed with a four speed rear end and four speed drive shaft. IF, and big if, it looks competitive in ITS, then I'll use a five speed with the proper ratios etc. in the rear and a five speed driveshaft. Those are the rules.

While the SCCA has lots of odd situtations and rules, the wheel to wheel racing and competition is the best in the amatuer racing segments. NASA is cool too, but with these sorts of cars there is little to no competition. Beyond those two there is little in the way of W2W racing.


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