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 Posted: 05-04-2007 12:27 am
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Thanks for the quick reply, Kurt and Greg,

I was using a stock SU fuel pump that I took apart and cleaned up.  It was pumping plenty of fuel and had good pressure.  I don't have a pressure gauge that will read 0 to 5 pounds so can't test it but it feels, in my experience, completely satisfactory.  I tried swapping in a known good pump from a friends MG but no change so it doesn't seem like fuel delivery.  The plugs look mediium dark tan, not real dark or black, but not the light tan I would want.  I agree that the idle jets seem way too big, though I don't understand why that would affect everything ABOVE idle but not the idle itself.  It idles just fine all the time with the idle screws turned out 2 to 3 turns.  I just got back from trying a run with the brake booster disconnected, in case I had an air leak there but still no change.  Nothing I've done has improved or changed things a bit.  I've thought I was running lean but maybe your right and it's too rich.  The plugs don't give me as good an indication as I hope.  

Yes, I have Hammill's book, it's GOOD.  Very thorough.  I wonder why my idle jets are big and the holders are lean (see below).  I also wonder whether I should put in a pressure gauge and/or an adjustable pressure reducer.  The fuel level in the bowls doesn't look like the carbs are being overwhelmed with pressure.

Hammill's book, on page 70, regarding idle jet and air bleed selection, says at one point that 7850.8 is the leanest but later on when giving the entire range, he listss 7850.8 as the richest.  Do you know which is right?  Is my 7850.9 the 3rd richest or 3rd leanest?

I had my floats set to 17mm but I dropped them to 15mm with no change in how the car ran.

So, shall I first try, as you suggest, a 55 idle jet, then perhaps a 7850.7 holder?  And after that, depending on how/if it's improving, consider dropping the mains down quite a bit, to 145 or so?

I wish I knew why the car ran so well at first and only slowly got to this problem; that's what's got me so flummoxed. 

One final question: where is the vacuum take offs on the 45Es?  I have a couple of manometers but don't know where to plug them in.

OK, one more final question: is there a west coast DellO supplier that has these things in stock?

And thanks again for your attention,  I *really* appreciate it.