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 Posted: 04-27-2007 02:57 am
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Mark Rosenbaum

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Didn't see a mention of coil type in any of the posts so I'll presume you are using a standard coil with the ballast resistor still in place.  With a standard coil, the plug gaps should be 0.025" not 0.030".  This may contribute to your rough running.

Was the engine still running rough once it warmed up?  Did you remember to disengage the 'choke' once the engine was running fairly well?

Have you checked the compression and verified that each cylinder is about the same, and ideally 120 psi or so?

Have you verified that you have no vacuum leaks anywhere?

When the timing was set, did you disconnect and plug the vacuum line to the distributor?

Have you tried setting the timing for best idle, then seeing what the timing light indicates?  Indicated timing will be 10° off with an old crank pulley on a new engine, or vice versa.

Are the distributor cap and rotor in new or near-new condition?