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 Posted: 04-27-2007 02:15 am
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OK, back to it tonight. Had a neighbor who is mechanically very good with cars come over and assist with the timing. After getting it timed with a timing light, it is still running rough, sort of like running on less than 4 cylinders. It barely holds idle speed and when I press the gas to make sure it will continue to idle and rev it up, it consistently back fires at rpms less than 1000, i.e., drop the revs down to <1000 and rev to 1500 or so and it will back fire as it starts to rev up to 1000. I purchased new wires from Delta and have installed new plugs. All plug wires are connected and same with coil to distrib. Plugs are gapped at 0.030. Seems like I am almost there but I know that does not count. Something still not right. Anything else to try???