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 Posted: 04-26-2007 08:18 pm
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I did the exact same thing when I put my dizzy back in after installing new points.  "Crank, crank ... pfft pfft"  Hmm, why's it popping back into the intake manifold.

Turns out the firing order isn't like on my ol' VW Beetle.... 1-4-3-2....

No permenant damage, though; hard to do when just cranking her over.

You should be able to clean those plugs with some degreaser or WD40 and an old toothbrush.  I used to use an emory board to clean up the ends of the plugs on my VW, then regap them and use them again.  Same with the points.  Those are cheap cars to maintain.

If you don't have any systemic problems with your JH, the plugs should be clean after a few good pulls onto the interstate, anyway.