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 Posted: 04-26-2007 05:26 pm
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Judson Manning wrote: If I read you post correctly, 3 is firing at 10^ BTDC?

Firing order is:

1 & 4 at 10^ BTDC

3 & 2 at 10^ BBDC

1-3-4-2 . . .


Short answer.......umm yes. It was all messed up, that's what happens when you work on something into the late hours of the night and you're jacked on energy drinks.
But anyway, started it up the first time (well...attempted to start it up), didn't turn over, sounded terrible.......I knew something was wrong.

Sure enough the wires were in the wrong order.

Would this damage anything? Attempting to crank the car several times with the engine completely out of order......i'm guess the first time around the firing order ended up being 1432......

Engine obviously never started up, but I'm worried that through my several attempts at starting it in the wrong order that I messed something up.

Someone please take away my worries.

FYI, the engine is running now (IN THE CORRECT ORDER), but I"m working with the spark plug gaps in order to get it smooth.