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 Posted: 04-25-2007 06:58 pm
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If your float valves are working properly and you're only getting the 2-3psi at the carbs, you shouldn't have a weeping/flooding problem.  I had a sticking needle valve that caused that problem, but the car would still start ('course, I was troubleshooting carbs and not ignition, so I didn't flood it the way you could've).  I think, though, that if you've got the choke on (actually it's a fuel enrichment valve, not a true choke), you could have created this problem without having anything wrong with the carburettor.  I'm assuming here that you have Strombergs.

If you've replaced the fuel pump (or even, if the PO replaced it), you should check the line pressure at the carbs.  I've had two of the "low pressure" Facet pumps that supposedly max out at 3psi, and I had to install a pressure regulator to calm both of them down.  Killed the first one with what the Facet rep called a 'typical uncontrolled voltage spike, expected in an antique car.'  So I bought the cheaper (but externally identical) generic knock-off as a replacement.  Anywhooo,  these pumps and others solid state pumps, while more 'reliable' than the old points-type fuel pump can easily blast open the poor little needle valves in these carbs and flood the engine.

I think that's all I can contribute to the fuel-side of this problem.  I'm interested to hear about the pertronix distributor, though.  I'm thinking of getting one of the mechanical-advance only dizzies that I saw when I visited Delta in January.  As soon as I can get my wife to forget about that new starter motor....

Also, I understand that the vacuum-advance pertronix dizzies have an actual vacuum-advance instead of the vacuum-retard capsule I have blocked off on my old, stock unit.  I'll be interested to hear how that works for mileage and power.

Good luck with your JH, and let us know what finally fixes it.  I've avoided a lot of new posts to the board by finding out the resolution to others' problems.

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