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 Posted: 04-25-2007 01:30 am
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Winter is over, jumped into my Jensen Healey and brake pedal went to the floor. No brake fluid anywhere. Everything was fine when I put it away in the fall. Late last summer, I had replaced brake hoses due to front caliper not wanting to release (fixed that problem) and changed fluid and had good, strong brakes when I put it away. So I assumed the master cylinder was culprit - noted some slight leakage into booster area when I removed it - so installed a new Lucas TR-6 unit. Attempted to bleed and brakes acting same...right to the floor. Only fluid coming out is from rear brakes...and they sounded as if they were working although I couldn't feel it in the brake pedal. I can hear pumping air sound near front. I've never had to prime a master cylinder before, so I haven't yet tried that yet. When pumping the pedal and with the cap removed, watching the rear hole in the mastercylinder reservoir, I can see what looks like a tiny bubble (aspiration) each pump. Any ideas or secrets anyone knows that can help?