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 Posted: 04-24-2007 08:09 pm
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I've got a 75 JH5 and live in Wisconsin.  I've had the car for about 6 years and always have had the slightly high temp readings when it gets hot here (which unfortunately is only about 3 months a year).  At idle it will stay about half way, but driving and especially on the interstate it will climb to about 3/4 or a little more.  I still have the two core radiator, but before I spend money on that I would like to find out if it is something else.  I did switch the thermostat a few years back and also use the water wetter stuff.

I saw a lot of comments about the voltage stabilizer creating problems.  How hard is that to replace ?  Where is it, is it under the dash or in the engine compartment.  Also, where do you get one from ?

Nothing ever is in the overflow container so I'm assuming it's not boiling over.  It just gives me an uncomfortable feeling watching it inch it's way up...

Thanks in advance.  Dave