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 Posted: 04-24-2007 01:04 am
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Alright fellas, with your advice I was able to get the pertronix in that last 1/4"!
Got the cap on after some struggle and am now in the process of the whole setting the plugs on the manifold, turning the engine, watching them fire, etc.

And man are they firing wierd. Some runs it will go as intended 1342. Then next rotation only one or two will fire and then none will fire.
I checked all the connections making sure they were tight and all is well.
What would cause some to completely not fire in the rotation?

I also might add that after fitting the distributor in I noticed a slight play within the rotor arm. Now, it wasn't spinning freely, but I'd say about 1/4" play back and forth.
Could this cause the random no spark?