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 Posted: 04-19-2007 05:18 am
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It's getting a little lonely being the only guy at Cars & Coffee with a Jensen Healey.  Well, I’m not the only guy who’s brought one, I did see a pic of one from a day I wasn’t there.  But every time I have been there I was the only one.
So, if anybody else feels the urge to uphold the honor of the Jensen Healey marque very early on Saturday mornings in south OC, here’s the low down:
first, some links (ignore the old dates on the flyer, it happens every Saturday):
some pix from 02-17-07
some pix from 03-10-07
some pix from 03-31-07

flyer and map
a web page with some history
Google Map
Directions from north:
5 fwy south to Alton
exit Alton
Take the right split on the Alton exit ramp.  This hooks you around 180 degrees onto a street called Enterprise that Ts into Alton.  Swing into the middle lane of Enterprise so you can make a left onto Alton.
turn left onto Alton and swing into the far right lane.
turn right onto Gateway.
If you want to display your car go to the second driveway on the right (follow all the cool cars)
If you just want to check out the cars as a spectator and don't want to display, pull into the first driveway on the right and park behind (or in) the structure (parking way in the back gives you a shorter walk to the showing area) or across the street in the big parking lot on the left.
I try to get there as close to 07:00 as my lazy butt allows, usually ends up around 07:10.  The showing area usually fills before 07:30, on a good day before 07:15.