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 Posted: 04-14-2007 07:23 pm
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I started the rebuild of one of my Dellorto 45 Trijets (Spec 10) carbs and have come accross two problems; 1. the bearings are bad, and 2. the rubber seat on the bottom of the Cold Start Piston Valve is bad. I started this project yesterday and discovered the bearings were bad in just enough time to order new bearings from Dave Bean. I did not discover the rubber seat was bad until it was too late in the evening to call DB back to see if they had these. Does anyone know if these seats are available? I'll have to call DB early Monday to try to catch them before they mail my parts out so they can add the seats to the parts order. Does anyone know if there is a substitute seat out there? These things look just like faucet seats without the center hole.