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 Posted: 04-13-2007 03:12 am
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    Car was running great.  I changed the oil and decided while I was down there I should do a little more degreasing.  I have been cleaning things up slowly and I decided I could shine things up a little more.

On a warm engine I used a little simple green and then hosed things down - gently. 

I started the car up to warm it back up and get all the H2O to evaporate.   I even took a towel and cleaned out around the plugs etc.

Now the car isn't firing on the front 2 cylinders.  I have spark.  The front plugs looked really bad - no fire so they were wet and sooty.  I swapped the front 2 plugs with the 2 rear plugs.  Still no fire on the front - the rear 2 fired up fine. 

If I pull a plug and ground it out on the head - I get spark.  It might not be the strongest spark I 've ever seen but it seems like it should be enough to fire. 

It's been run down the road more than 10 miles - mebbe 20 - so it's been warmed up sufficiently to dry everything out.

I'm wondering if something is wrong with the front carb.  Thinking this I sprayed some carb cleaner in the carbs to dissipate any h2o that might have been in there.  Still no fire on the front 2. 

I'm running Dell 40's. 

This is kind of silly.  What do you think I did?  Any ideas?  I was thinking of putting in new plugs - but swapping front to rear didn't make any difference.  The front carb has good 'suction' when you put your hand over the stacks - seems equal to the rear carb. 

Ideas?  My mechanic is far enough away I'd need to trailer it up so I'd be berry berry happy if I could get the old girl running right.  2 cylinders isn't enough for me - I have a hard time just making up the hill to my house!