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 Posted: 04-27-2005 07:54 pm
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There are some 13" tires available that will work well, they are just race compound tires from Hoosier and Toyo. They are DOT approved though, and believe it or not will do fine in rain, as long as it isn't puddles of rain. 

Appalachian  Tire,, can actually squeeze a 225-50-13 inch tire onto a 6" wide wheel rim, no mean feat. The only company and group that can do this. I'll get some pictures up of this before long, that is a big tire for a car this small and on the 13" wheels looks fantastic when compared to 15" wheels.

205-50-13 Toyo race tires will fit on the stock wheel width with no problems whatsoever and will provide more grip that you can use on the street or track unless you modify your suspension fairly extensively.