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 Posted: 04-01-2007 12:18 am
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Yes, I do indeed have early regrinds: 907E0351Y, but ground till there's about .378 lift, which makes them appear to be Dave Bean regrinds.  They're in fine shape; no visible wear.  BUT reading that short PhD thesis (at least it looks like it with MY level of understanding) leaves me a bit concerned, as my cams are definitely JH, but the pulleys that were attached have a raised "LOTUS" in between two of the 6 holes in the web.  But there's no sign of paint dots and yet there are 110 & 115 marked in the web with corresponding little slash marks on the rim.  From my reading, the word 'lotus' on the web makes them sound like incorrect lotus pulleys but the other markings make them sound like JH pulleys.  Yes, I'm confused.  Another point is to use two solid web magnesium looking pulleys that were on one of my motors, which are also marked 110 & 115 but no other markings.  Anyone willing to chime in with some advice before I button it up?  I am deeply appreciative of the generosity this Club already.  It's hard to imagine getting a dead JH running without this help.