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 Posted: 03-29-2007 07:03 am
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What a pain, eh, Dan.  I'm in exactly the same place.  Just finally, after the better part of a day today, got the exhaust to all within one thou of 12.  Good enough for me, but I ran out of shims for the intakes so I'm waiting on shims, too.  IYR, I was having trouble with a few of my exhausts needing shims less than 60, one quite a bit less.  I was about to pull the head when on a whim I pulled the towers off another parts engine I had and voila! there were a pair of reground 107s.  So now all the shims I need are around 100 instead of 60s.  Much better, and hopefully the 107s will the torque a help a bit on this bone stock motor.  But as so many JHers have undoubtedly found out before me, this is not a job I want to do very often, at least in the car.