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 Posted: 03-29-2007 04:43 am
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Here is my progress report on shimming the valves on my engine rebuild. I now have all the exhaust clearances set at 0.012 and they went fairly easily. The intake valves are a whole different story. I can take the cam carrier off and put it back on without changing a thing and I get totally different measurements on some of the valves. I received a second order of shims from Jim at DMS and they should have set the clearances dead on to the specs on the high end but that did not happen. I have played around with the shims until I finally got all the exhaust clearances at 0.012 and stopped there for the day. The next day I went back and started working on the intake valves to see if I could get them to come into spec. No such luck. At this time I had all set to either .007 or .006 with the exception of two. I figured I would need to order two more shims and that would work. Well, I went out to the garage to check the intake clearances again and now one valve that was at .007 is at 0. All I can think is something got in the last time I removed the cam carrier. I've stopped for the evening and will call Jim tomorrow to order a few more shims to play with (sizes I don't have or I need extras of). This has been challenging to say the least and frustrating to no end, but a good learning experience. I know I'm very close to getting these clearance set just right, but then how do you make sure they stay at the same clearance when you go to mount the cam carriers for the last time?

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