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 Posted: 03-27-2007 06:26 am
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Frank Schwartz


Well, I took the cap off the dist. and the shaft is very snug.  It could not be out...and if it had been pushed up, the rotating disk in the trigger thing would be rubbing. The timing belt is tight as well. Hopefully by this weekend, a new...Crane unit is coming ...bought it on eBay and will replace the old it comes with the blaster
coil, too...the coil in the JH is the original..although I replaced it temporarily with another and got the same results I had been having. I feel definitely it is the ignition unit...everything else has been double checked. I do have some of the piston damper fluid leaking out the front carb...anyone know how to fix this?  And as soon as the "new" ignition unit, complete with trigger assembly and blaster coil arrives and is installed, I will report back the results.
Oh, in case I did not mention it, I checked the fuel pump pressure and it was 3.5 pounds...