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 Posted: 03-25-2007 05:31 am
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Frank Schwartz


Kurt, et al
I did get a spark and also took the coil wire loose and got a spark to the ground when cranking...I just removed the carburetors...yechhh..what a pain and found both float bowls full with gas and the shut off valve when the bowls are full are working ok.
Still, I think it is the ignition.  Now that I have the carbs off...I wonder if it would be safe
to give a shot of engine start spray in each inlet and see if it will fire.   If it doesn't fire. we will know durn well it is the ignition unit...(Crane)
One of the carbs leaks the oil in the plunger thing on is that corrected..the other one seems to keep the oil ok.
Thanks for the help and interest...
Oh, yes, son Mark said he could smell gas in the tail pipe.  I asked him to check that as you suggested...not strong but there...and I did not find any collection of gas in the intake manifold where the carbs bolt up..they were pretty dry....

A mystery..the whole durned thing....