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 Posted: 03-23-2007 10:00 pm
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If the pumps is not "ticking" ie that maddening tick, tick, tick, tick, it may be that the voltage is not reaching the pump. Check fuses up front. The other mode of failure you may have is a fuel line blockage so the pump gets the line up to pressure and then stops because it does not need to deliver any fuel, undo a fuel line at some point and put into a jar and try ignition on and see if fuel comes out.

My tank seems to produce much fuel line blocking rubbish, so I have a put a in line filter on the input side of the pump and one up in the engine bay. The one before the pump gets blocked with rust and spiders and allsorts of rubbish and need to be replaced regularly, so I have a spare in the boot ( Trunk - thats what elephants have) and its easy to put in a fresh one.

Hope this helps, Tony H.