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 Posted: 03-23-2007 08:08 pm
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Frank Schwartz


I THINK our problem is the fuel pump...but I can't at the moment find my pressure gauge.
The car sat up all winter and now will not start.  Has Crane XR-700 that PO installed.
Cannot get the durned car to even fire.  Seem be be getting a spark at the plugs.
Even tried another coil. All wiring is correct and the ballast resistor and all wiring is
correct and quadruple checked.
I pulled a plug and it is dry....
Any suggestions??  And any recommendations as to a car parts store replacement pump? Assuming the pump is defective....however, I disconnected it from the T and it does pump gas...however I have not, as I said, checked the actual pressure.
The pump is a Purolater.
Crane said that sometimes their units get moisture in them and go about that for a product reliability?  However, I think the Crane unit is ok
Crane said it is usally battery... and the battery is freshly charged and puts 10.9 volts on the starter UNDER LOAD while cranking..about 13 plus resting.
Any and all suggestions are most welcome...