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 Posted: 03-23-2007 05:02 am
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Kurt, I placed a thin layer of Loctite 515 on the towers and then torqued them down and measured all my clearances. I then removed the towers and cleaned all the loctite from the parts and then re-installed the towers, torqued them down and measured all my clearances again. For what it is worth, there was no measureable difference. I admit I used my finger to spread the 515 and I admit I spread a very thin layer. I did not measure the thickness of the 515 that I removed but my guess----less than or equal to 0.0005". With this issue aside I made a list of all my clearances and all my shim sizes and then found all the sizes I would need to bring all the clearances into spec on the high end. I called Jim at DMS and placed my order this morning. In the mean time I went by our local speed shop and purchased a Ford style remote oil filter kit. Installed the engine part of the kit as soon as I got home from work. My parts from Dave Bean also arrived today ( just some special washers and gaskets for my Turbo Esprit cam housings). They also got installed when I got home from work. My engine is getting closer to being finished everyday. Of course every day I feel further and further from finished.