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 Posted: 04-26-2005 10:16 pm
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If you want an idea of what these movies look like you can go here:

And then click on, a Quicktime movie. HINT- if you "Right Click" and then "Save As" you can open it later and make it larger.  This will help as the native size is small right now, but still 3 meg.

I run and have some in car footage of me driving my 260Z on the road course at VIR.  This little bit was spliced together of bits from the same 45 minute race.  I'm a rookie too, but learning!!!!! In the movie you'll see the 39 Miata driven by my partner for a brief instant and you'll see two cars go off behind me in the silver Z, two second Gen RX7s that for some reason tried to get around me but lost it.

We think the JH is going to give up some top end to the Z due to power and aero, but the light weight should pay off in the twisty bits and braking. We hope.




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