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 Posted: 03-17-2007 05:34 pm
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Since my 104 cams came from Delta Motorsports I called and spoke with Jim Medland yesterday about my camshaft/valve clearance issues and he fixed me right up. He explained that the oversized shims are required on most reprofiled cams so he had just what I needed in stock. I ended up replacing all 16 shims with 10 differnet sizes ranging from 0.141 to 0.158. I think I wiped him out of some of the sizes I needed. I should have the new shims by Monday or Tuesday so I can finish up my engine.

I have to admit that the shims take a lot of time to get right. I need to thank everyone for their advice and thoughts on the subject. I took Mark's advice and went back and measured every shim I had and it turned out that some were no longer the same size as the label had indicated. I used my Digital Micrometer (DM) and my Dial Caliper (DC) to check every shim. This ensured I double checked every measurement and it helped me round off the sizes to the nearest 1000ths since the DM goes to 5/10000ths accuracy. I recorder every measurement and labled every valve so I will know where all the shims go when they get here.

Now I will have to tackle rebuilding my Dellorto carburetors next.  Have attached a photo of the engine partly back together. I'll send another when it is done.

Just a note that you can see in the photo where I enlarged the water opening in the block from the pump through the block into the area surrounding all the liners. I also added the port to the rear of the head for better water circulation.

Attachment: 2.2L going back together.jpg (Downloaded 89 times)

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