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 Posted: 03-16-2007 05:43 am
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I just came in from the garage where I have been measuring all the shims just to make sure what thickness they are before I reinstalled my cam carriers. With my cam carriers torqued down, I began measuring some of the clearances. I have the Delta 104 cams and I have no idea who did the valve job, but there is a lot of space that has to be made up. So far I have only looked at four of the intake valves from the first two cylinders. If I set my clearance at 0.007 I would need oversize shims on all my valves from the measurements I'm currently getting. Starting from the front of the engine here is my list of shims I would need to have .007 clearance on the first four intake valves: one - 0.145" shim; one - 0.139" shim; and two - 0.142" shims. I hope they make shims in these sizes or I'm going to have to buy all new valves even though mine are brand new.