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 Posted: 03-15-2007 06:08 pm
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Hmmm, that is a bit of a problem. Ideally, you would get your trusty machine shop doing your vavle job to check the length of the valve stems and, being the great guys that they are, they would grind them to the exact length to put you in an ideal shim range, between .070 and .080". In reality, most shops don't care and don't check this which is why you need to tell them ahead of time (or better yet use a great shop like West Coast Cylinder Head). If you have no clearance now for a gauge, you'll need to do some careful filing of the stem. Probably best to take it back and it have done right to insure the material removed is all at right angles to the base. I do have a box of used shims I can loan you, not sure if all the sizes are there, send me an email on that.

BTW, the JHPS 104 cams are 0.432" lift and 268 degrees duration but with 235 degrees duration at 0.040" lash. These will give slightly better torque than most of the profiles out there.