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 Posted: 03-14-2005 09:25 pm
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Jim Ketcham


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Hello John,

Alas, you are right.  I am describing the clips on the door lock.  This is what happens when I rely on memory.  You would think that after doing two JHs I could remember.  Unfortunately, I still have to rely on memory or take my door apart.  My best recollection (trust at your own risk) is that the little flat adjusting bar (the flat strip of metal that is threaded at one end and attached to small rod on the back of the handle) has a hole that slides over a stud on the lever on the door mechanism and is held in place with a "push fix".  Again, if I recall correctly, I believe I broke one and used a "wire nut" on the end of the stud when I reassembled.  Since my door latches all operate, it must have worked.  Sorry about the earlier post.

Good luck,