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 Posted: 03-13-2007 12:17 am
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As a lot of you know I am rebuilding my engine and upgrading at the same time. Today I switched over to the newer style cam carriers which required that I remove ten of the mounting studs which are replaced by star headed bolts. I moved my new cams from my old carriers to the new ones and checked to make sure they were indeed the Delta 104 cams. The base measured 1.065 inches and the lobe height measured 1.481 inches. If I subtract the base for the lobe height I get 0.416 inch lift which corresponds to all the data I have as well as what Mark has already posted. Of course I did find on the end of each cam that they had been stamped with "DELTA 104", so now I know I have the 104 cams with 0.416 lift. I'm now wondering what the clearance should be between the follower and the base of each cam lobe? Should it remain the same as what the book says or does it change with the 104 cams. If it matters I'm also converting to the 2.2L crank. Any assistance would be appreciated.