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 Posted: 02-23-2007 05:07 am
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Front suspension had been apart on my car to fit new nolathane bushes and replacement rubbers on the the rods that push the bottom arms forward. The replacements found that fitted were from a Honda Civic that uses the same method of castor control but by having the rods in tension rather than on the JH where they are in compression. My car felt twitchy ie was not  self correcting well.  When mentioned to a friend he said to push the  castor  out ie push the lower arms out furthur using the control rods. It was trying to work out how far out it was that I found I had some 6 mm difference from lhs compared to rhs. The method is not as accurate as a tyre shop can do and I have not taken it in to get the alignment done yet as the car is still of the road with a few small jobs to do, however now when taking it for a test run it behaves much better with self  centering of the steering wheel when you let it go and it corners flat and does not feel twitchy anymore.
A quarter turn of the bit nut on the control rods was producing about 1 mm differencein the overall distance between fron and rear wheels.

I need to go in for a VIN inspection and registration, once over these hurdles I will take it in for proper tyres and a wheel alignment.

Tony H.