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 Posted: 02-21-2007 08:19 pm
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Sure, if you clean it up it'll definitely help with drag, fuel consumption, and will help acceleration some tiny amount.

Drag is proportional to the square of speed as far as I remember. But, I had a nifty chart of where drag got to be an issue with a fairly dirty test car and for those cruising under 65-70mph it isnt such a big deal as far as horsepower consumed. But, push the speeds into the 90-100mph range it certainly is an issue on a race car where everyone is using aero mods to get a tiny edge. Add to the fact we have a very dirty convertible compared to the coupes in the class and we'll need all we can get.

Some of the tracks we're spending (or will have to if we're going competitive) a fair amount of time in the 115-135mph range. The average speed around the track might only be around 80mph, but there is a lot below, and a lot above that average.

Also planned for the car was ducting behind the radiator to direct air out and help reduce drag (actually very important), various aero pieces to seal cracks etc. in the front end, an under tray, and a front splitter/spoiler. You'll notice the windshield angle is already raked back quite a bit more than a standard Jensen Healey. In that picture the car is much higher than it ended up in final form with more suspension changes.

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