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 Posted: 02-20-2007 11:41 pm
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Yes, each front rotor has a two duct inlet that goes to two 3" tubes. One tube goes to the rotor and has a hat around the rotor (off in the picture for work) and the other goes directly to the caliper itself.

The car will have a spolier, if it ever races, but I do not think you need one for road use. A road car would have many other things that would affect handling that could be worked on first before I'd worry too much about lift. If fact, at road car speeds you should not experience any lift of any effect. I didn't notice any at about 110-115, which is is fast as this car has gone at Roebling Road (test day from last year, not a race). Judson has more experience this than I, but I think he'll agree. I don't think it is needed from a lift standpoint on the race car either, but I do think it will be needed to clean up the airflow on an otherwise very aero dirty car.

Thanks for the wishes, I hope to do better next time out!

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