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 Posted: 02-20-2007 11:22 pm
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Jim DeClerck

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Looking at the photo from the front of the car I can see what appear to be inlets for brake cooling ducts under the front bumper.  Did I get that right? 

Also there doesn't seem to be an air dam fitted under the front end.  If that's correct, is it because of the rules regarding modifications or is it something that is not really needed to control lift at high speed?  I have considered fitting one to my road car but now I'm hesitating.

I had some body restoration done on my car, including new front floors.  The shop owner recommended welding on a reinforcing plate to solidly connect the top rear of the tunnel to the rear shelf.  He said it's common for that joint to crack if not reinforced.

Sorry about the driveline failure and I hope it can be sorted out without too much grief.  Lucky you, to be able to walk away from that one.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery of #38 and a safer outing next time.