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 Posted: 02-20-2007 07:49 pm
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Ron Earp

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Nah, there wasn't any welding done or anything funny there BEFORE the accident - but afterwards it has that big crease and valley there. I think that is from the upper links on the differential pulling downward on the chassis because they mount right about there in the car.

One thing I didn't know about until yesterday in looking at the car on the trailer is that the driver's side is bulged out too against the seat. The driveshaft tried to come out that side too and there is a big bulge all the way from the shifter area to the end of the tunnel, about a 4 inch outward protrusion.

What a mess. All of that will have to be cut out of a donor car and welded into this car. Or, made from sheet steel, one or the other.