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 Posted: 02-20-2007 02:29 pm
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Hi Malcolm,

I have the toyota supra 5sp gbox that came with the Lotus Excel including bellhousing. My new 907 (hybrid actually) engine is now equipped with the later leight weight steel flywheel and therefore I was looking for a 9.5" clutch and a 9.5" pressure plate.

I know you are looking for a Borg & Beck... i believe Conversion Components sells the 8.5" pressure plates and from pictures i could tell they are from Borg & Beck. Ask for Colin, he can give you all the details.

i have made some pictures of the Borg & Beck I ordered one day but which didn't fit my esprit flywheel... you can easily see the torque rating of it.  It can be found on the . Go to the netherlands section (old zealand :)  if you will) and then find the blue JH. You will find a special section containing pressure plates

I finally ended up purchasing a true 9.5" pressure plate from Valeo for Lotus Esprit (buy them from Lotus and you pay 3 times as much!!)

good luck

Erik Harkes 

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