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 Posted: 02-18-2007 01:55 pm
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It actually had the metal plate that bolts across the tranny tunnel - but it was blown out and not found. While not a drive shaft loop it is stout and we figured might do the job, it didn't.

No, the welded spider gears didn't have anything to do with this. When those let go, which is really rare, it just turns the differential open and generally breaks it, but that is about it. They still turn okay. We're not sure what caused this mess but I think it is either the transmission locking up which preciptated the driveshaft failure, or the driveshaft itself.

I think it was the driveshaft but can't be sure at this point. This driveshaft came with the transmission I bought from CA a couple years ago. I don't know the origin, but driveshafts that mate a five speed to a four speed rear end must be fabricated for the job since that wasn't a factory part or combination. I imagine this one was just not up to the job.


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