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 Posted: 02-01-2007 08:00 pm
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An update with the notion that some of this information will be usefull to someone at some point in the future.

The engine is all back together and the clearances are all spot on.  This was the longest valve adjustment in history.  It took over a month.  It would have taken a day if I had a shim assortment.  Even after getting the shims, I had to fine tune 3 of them with 400 grit emery paper to get them down about 1 thousandth.  I think I had it together and apart 5 times.  BTW, The shims were $2.25ea at Delta. 

I was very confused about the cam housing gaskets.  The Delta guy said I should use them, but the manual and all advice was not to.  I elected to eliminate the gaskets.  I was unable to find Loctite 504.  Eventually I settled on Loctite 518 as recommended by Lotus.  I read the instructions and step 2 involve spraying one surface with Loctite clean n prime activator.  I asked my jobber about it and he gave me a blank stare.  I called the Loctite hotline (1-800-LOCTITE) and talked to an expert.  I learned more in that phone conversation about sealants than I will ever need to know.  The guy was very helpful and told me that the clean n prime activator wasn't needed unless sealing plated or anodized surfaces.