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 Posted: 01-28-2007 03:09 am
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I have had my wheels on and off a number of times today while doing a wheel alignment check and a wheel base length check. I am still using some steel wheels with steel lug nuts torqued to 45 ft-lbs with some thread lube on the nuts.

The method I used for wheel alignment check is by using some channel steel 100 mm high, one in front of the wheel and one behind, two lengths of angle iron pressed against the tyre wall and held in place with bungy cords. Use a tape measure to read the distance across the rear of the tyre and then the front. If the measurement is 2.3 mm your toe in is spot on. What is surprising to me was the amount the toe in varies for even small adjustments in the position of the steering wheel, I found myself checking that the wheels where pointing straight ahead to get a check on the toe in.

The other measurement I checked was the wheel base. I put rims only on the rear axle both sides and lowered the car into some 100 x 50 mm channel. This gave an accurate reference point to measure the wheel base to the front wheels. Measured the distance from channel to the bottom ball joint centre on the front steering, made sure each side was the same length by adjusting the rods to the subframe.

It is much easier to pay for expert help when it comes to tyres and alignments, but I find it useful to know the mechanics of it myself.

Must get round to strippin the original mag wheels.

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